September Homework Package


There are four weeks of homework packets for the month of September.  I generally start with only four activities per week for the children to complete each week.  That is one assignment per day.  More homework is added as the year progresses.   The homework is sent home on Monday and returned on Friday.  I have found that having homework due on Friday worked out better for the students, parents and me!  The homework is sent home in a large envelope (11 1/2" x 14") with a cover sheet. 





This is a copy of the cover sheet that copy on bright, blue paper.    I attach this cover with a little glue on the large envelope.  I have found it easier to cut the flap off the envelope off before I laminate it.  I use an Exacto knife (VERY CAREFULLY!)  or a very sharp pair of scissors to make a slight cut on the back side of the envelope in order for the envelope to open.  Each child's name is written on the front cover with a permanent marker.  When the student returns the homework on time with all assignments completed, I attach a sticker to the envelope with the date written recorded ---month and day.  This is a little motivation for them to return the homework on time.  I try to make these "special" stickers. I try to find sparkly ones, themed ones that go along with what we are studying for science or social studies, etc.  These envelopes last the whole year!  No one wants to throw them away since all of the stickers are attached.  It is very rare that a homework envelope is lost!  Most of the kids keep their homework envelope at the end of the year in their special treasure box with all of the books they have made throughout Kindergarten.   





                                       Parent Letter for Homework


This  is the homework program that has worked well for me and I have used with my students.  Feel free to make any changes that you need to make for it to work for you.  Each Monday the student takes the homework packet home inside the envelope.  It is returned on Friday each week.  If it is a short week, it is returned on the last day of the week.   This is a copy of the letter that is sent home with the students in the first homework packet in September.