Columbus Day Ideas


Columbus Day always sort of sneaks up on us.  I have included a few ideas that we have used over the years. 


Columbus Day Hats

Each child colors the hat that we attach to a headband.  These patterns and directions are available in the October Ideas package.     Click on the boat for more information about ordering the October Ideas.     



Columbus Day Boats

This is a pattern for making boats for Columbus.  I don't have any finished samples, but they color the pictures, cut out and glue on a larger piece of white construction.  They look nice when blue watercolor is added for the ocean.  We use craft sticks to hold the flags. 

Click on the picture to enlarge the pattern.

  Another handprint Columbus boat pattern with complete directions is also available with the October Ideas package.  Click on the picture for more information about ordering this package.


  Watercolor Pictures 

These can be done in several different ways.  You can give the children a pattern and have them trace a boat and then watercolor.  Or, they can draw their own and watercolor.  A third idea is to have them work on this as a homework project.  Below are some examples:

Click on each picture to enlarge.



More Boat Patterns

Click on each picture to enlarge



Book List

Where's Columbus?  (like Where's Waldo?) by Anthony Tallarico

Picture Book of Christopher Columbus by David Adler

Christopher Columbus by Russell Bourne

Meet Christopher Columbus by James de Kay

Westward with Columbus by John Dyson

Christopher Columbus by Stephen Krensky

Columbus Day Book by Dee Lillegard

In 1492   by Jean Marzollo

Christopher Columbus   by Ann McGovern