December Books

This is a cute little book that was given to me by my friend, Kerry, in British Columbia.  It is a very tiny book that measures:  approximately 8 1/2 inches wide x 2 inches.  The cover is pictured in the sample.  Please click to enlarge the photo. 

Kerry explained it better than I could ever do!  Start with a pocket chart:

A _________light,

A_________ light,

A_________ light,

A_________ light,   (use as many pages as you have colors for lights)

...on houses at Christmas time!

We add the colors to the blank spaces and practice reading.  There are pictures on each line and then a row of houses on the last line.

Then we make the book using this frame.  The title is "Christmas Lights".  You can add as many pages as you have colors of paper for the lights.  Each page has the blackline drawing of a Christmas light.  We cut pieces of foil wrapping paper in the shape of a light (one for each side.)  They use the color chart to copy the words for the blanks. 

The final page is the row of houses.  Use a toothpick to put glue dots on where Christmas lights would be on each house.  Then you can use glitter on the glue.  They turn out really cute!  A discussion of where people put the lights on the house helps.  For example, on the roof line, across the porch, around the door, windows, etc.  They can decorate the houses with markers or crayons to look like real houses at Christmas.  Without the discussion, the kids get carried away and pile on the glitter!