May Day

Each year we make May Day baskets to celebrate this spring tradition. 


May Day Basket

This basket was made using paper plates.  The back has the center, top part cut to make a handle for the basket.  This piece is cut in a half circle shape using the top lines of the inside mark on the paper plate. Like this: I hope that makes sense?  Then one half of a paper plate is stapled to the front to make the part that holds the flowers.  Click on the picture to enlarge.  The basket was painted and tissue paper flowers were added for May Day.


Tissue Paper Flowers

We use three layers of tissue paper cut into  approximately 4 inches squares.  We lay them flat on a table and fan fold them back and forth.  Then you fold them in the middle and use a pipe cleaner in the center to pull it tight.  The outside edges of the fan folded part is rounded or cut into points.  The two sections are pulled together to hide the center of the flower where the pipe cleaner would show.  The kids always seem to be successful if they fan fold it correctly.  If they fold it over and over and NOT back and forth, it won't work!  Some have a bit of trouble with the back and forth idea of fan folding.  Usually the kids are able to help each other if you don't have enough adult help. 





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